Let’s talk about 5 Myths of home buying in today’s market

As a home buyer you have so many questions. Sometimes you wonder should I ask? Do other people feel the same way? As realtors and mortgage brokers, we often get asked the same questions, like “Do I need 20% for a downpayment.” Or “My credit score needs to be perfect”. We get it. We’ve been there. And the best part is, we work in the industry, so we can give you educated and factual answers to all your questions.

Recently, we spoke with Ann L’Atrella of Fairway Mortgage in Shelton CT about 5 Myths of Home Buying.  We went over the home buying process and hopefully answered those questions you may have been afraid to ask. Watch our Facebook Live video below. I hope that we provided all the answers to your questions, and that you feel more comfortable in your pursuit of homeownership.