Calculating Seller Net Proceeds in Connecticut

Calculating Seller Net Proceeds in Connecticut is made easier by using this tool that we found online.

Knowing what you will walk away with is key to making good decisions. So you can plan your next move with more confidence.

Seller Closing costs are all the items that need to be paid at the closing table beyond your mortgage payoff and property liens

That all can be between 6-8% of the sales price. On a $350,000 (average priced home in Bridgeport CT) sale that’s between $21,000 and $28,000

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the costs 

  • State Conveyance Tax 
  • Municipal Transfer Tax 
  • Realtor Commissions 
  • Attorney Settlement 
  • Home warranty
  • Recording Fees 
  • Wire banking fees, Courier or shipping 
  • Costs of Repairs negotiated after inspections 
  • Seller Concessions  that have been negotiated
  • You will see a reimbursement for prepaid items (like real estate taxes and fuel) 

 So For example: if close April 30 and taxes are paid twice a year (January and July) then you will be reimbursed for taxes you prepaid for May and June 

Have more questions about closing costs and anything else related to selling or buying real estate give me a call, text or leave comment. We are here to help. 

Check out our tool or give us a call and it would our pleasure to help you get a more accurate calculation. Link to Anytime Estimate Calculator

Eddie Gutierrez & Cynthia Lucero Brokers with the Higgins Group